Dalmore 12

Distillery: The Dalmore

Expression: 12 year old

Vol: 40%







Vanilla and citrus fruit. Orange peel and cinnamon apple. Spices appear later, together with a certain sharpness. Malt and ground coffee. A bit buttery.


Malt is the first thing. Then a tingle of spice and bitter coffee. After that sweetness of vanilla and citrus fruit. Warming too, something that reminds one of a warm chocolate cake. Like a kirsch.


Medium length. Spices at first, a certain bitterness. After that malt and vanilla, the fruits more in the background now.


A very nice dram. Dalmore delivers a subtle, gentle, yet very aromatic whisky here. Classy stuff. Seems more like an appetizer than a digestive though, so don’t take with food but before it.

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