Glengoyne 10

Distillery: Glengoyne

Expression: 10 year old

Vol: 40%





Nose: Apples, light berries, apricots, dipped in honey. But there’s a sour note that’s off-putting. Like a cleaning product or wet clothing. Some spices here too, as well as clear malt.

Taste: Tingly at first and the sour note from before is the first thing to taste. Then it gets a little bitter, more spicy now, after which it gets softer and easier, with the fruits jumping out now as well as honey and a bit of oak.

Finish: Medium length and not bad. The sweetness prevails, the sour note is gone and a gentle, fruity, sweet dram remains with a spicy edge. Malt is the end note.

Overall: An uneasy introduction, but a good friend in the end. The nose promises a tough ride, but in the middle of the taste this gets a lot better. The finish could have been longer, which would make that awkward nose easier to forget.

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