Balvenie Doublewood

Distillery: The Balvenie

Expression: DoubleWood

Age Statement: 12 years old

Vol: 40%






Honey, vanilla and spice. Some clear oak, nice soft spices. Apples, oranges, malt. Burnt sugar or caramel. Something like dry grass.
A bit thick, oily. A nice tingle and very nice sweetness of fruits, and more honey this time than vanilla. Cinnamon and malt as well. A quite lovely harmony of flavors here. Yum.
Medium length. Warming. Spice, sweetness and soft, ripe fruits. Caramel, honey, and malt. Delicious till the end.
Doublewood is one of the reasons that the Balvenie is one of my favorite distilleries. I can’t fault this. A very easy whisky to drink, but a memorable one as well. You’ll never find me without this whisky in my possession.

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