Glenrothes 1991

Distillery: The Glenrothes

Expression: 1991

Age Statement: none

Vol: 43%

Extra Info: Distilled on 7/9/91, bottled on 24/5/05




Vanilla, buttercream, marzipan. A bit sharp, subduing the possible fruit. Some oak, but lightly so.
Sweeter than I expected. The buttery, vanilla flavor is still there. I’m quite enjoying this. It’s mouth watering. A bit drying to the end, but the marzipan or even licorice adds a sharp-ish note, breaking the heavy sweetness.
Medium length. The same flavors are still around. I love the thickness of this, the buttery texture. Oak and malt, vanilla and spice, butter and marzipan, they all last till the end.
More impressive than I remember it from last time. But this is a quality malt with some unique, delicious flavors. Can’t really fault it much. The best Glenrothes I’ve tasted so far.


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