Balvenie 1993

Distillery: The Balvenie

Expression: 1993 Portwood

Age Statement: none

Vol: 40%







Wine-like and malty. Honey and spice. Coffee, cinnamon, other bitter-sweet spices. Dark tropical fruits, cherries, burnt sugar, woody.
A light bitter edge to an otherwise very sweet taste. Coffee again, wood, spices. Honey sweetness once more, but that mocha and coffee bitter edge is quite nice. Quite warming.
In the end that wine note again, together with malt and quite a bit of oak. Not that long.
A very drinkable whisky, not surprising for Balvenie. But still, I find this a tad too expensive for what you get, this has a hefty price tag and it’s not one I’ll soon replenish when it’s empty. However, very enjoyable, and well worth a try.

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