Braes of Glenlivet 1975

Distillery: Braeval (Braes of Glenlivet)

Expression: 1975 Connoisseurs Choice

Age Statement: none

Vol: 43%

Extra Info: Gordon & MacPhail bottling, distilled in (June) 1975, bottled in (December) 2010. One of the rare occasions of having the Glenlivet mentioned on the label, as this is usually referred to as Braeval.





So fresh! Fruity and floral, big malt, some oak and really big sweetness. Vanilla sugar, icing, white chocolate and honey covered cereal. Really great stuff, I can sniff this for ages.
A little prickle at first but that massive sweetness takes over quickly. Some spices, but all in the shadow of this apricot marmalade, sugary, flowery, caramel and vanilla/honey sweetness. Big oak as well, adding that slightly sharpish note and making it a bit dry and a tad bitter, but I just can’t wrap my mind around that lovely sweet load of flavors.
Long, warming, mouth watering and sweet. The fruit jelly keeps going, as well as the burnt sugar honey aroma with an ever so slight bitter oaky note. This all lasts for a long time. Sit back and enjoy.
This is obviously in the big leagues. The heavy oak influence in the taste is sign of its age but it never overpowers the complete picture of this whisky. The complexity here is huge, while keeping that mellow, smooth mouthfeel. The soft sweet notes with the refreshing light fruits is something I haven’t tasted in a while. Pretty sublime stuff.
Rating: 4½ stars

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