Macallan Fine Oak 15

Distillery: The Macallan

Expression: Fine Oak 15 year old

Vol: 43%






Big malt and sharp oak (not surprising given its name). Some drying sherry, spices, and fresh citrus fruit. Sweetness of mostly vanilla and burnt sugar.
The oak gives this a slight bitterness. The malt is big again, and the drying effect of both the oak and hint of sherry is notable. The fruits are less obvious now, the spices more. An oily texture and the vanilla adds a necessary sweetness.
Medium. Still quite drying, and I can’t seem to shake that odd bitter note. I can’t decide whether that’s nice or not. It’s definitely oak, so they got that point across. The spicy vanilla and malt at the end is pleasant.
I must admit I like the Macallan expressions with heavy sherry better than this one. Still, very drinkable, not bad at all, but not a must have for me.

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