Caol Ila Unpeated

Distillery: Caol Ila

Expression: 12 year old ‘unpeated style’

Vol: 57,6%

Extra Info: Distilled in 1997





A big hit of alcohol, eye-watering. Then some real nice sweetness, vanilla and a salty tang to it. Sea breeze.

With water: Much more to it now. Vanilla, oak, big malt. Also nice fruits now, citrus fruit. A faint smoky note as well, but really faint.
A dampness to this at first. Slightly bitter, dusty. Then sweetness of vanilla and caramel. The salty breeze is still here.

With water: No more dampness. Instead there’s oak, sweet fruit, vanilla and a hint of licorice. The bitter note is also still here, but not as prominent as without water. Drying at the end.
Long lasting and drying. Despite the ‘unpeated style’ it has a real Islay feel to it. The sea-salty, warming glow, and still that faint smoky note. At the end a grassy note, with some faint vanilla and malt.
I would really recommend adding water to this. It brings so much more to the table that way. A hefty whisky, not to be taken lightly. The finish is slightly disappointing for me. It lasts long enough, but there’s not much to be said about it.

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