Ardbeg Uigeadail

UigeadailDistillery: Ardbeg

Expression: Uigeadail

Age Statement: none

Vol: 54,2%








Toasty wood fire, smoky peat grains, a bit of a sour medicinal note. Then some citrus, vanilla. Pine notes, charred wood. Some burnt and then powdered sugar.


A hit of tar, medicinal notes of dettol and antiseptic creams. Sharp on the tongue at first. Softer at the second taste, with more sweet notes of citrus and vanilla. This whisky seems very thick, viscous. Syrupy almost. Coats the mouth and the peat smoke is very strong all the way through. A pine note coming through now. Sharp oak, charred wood fire embers. Sweeter again now with caramel and berry notes. The sharpness remains but it gives a warming sensation at the same time.


Long lasting. Reminds one of a late night camp fire, being warmed by the hot, charred logs of wood and breathing in the smoke from it. The sweet notes at the back make it very enjoyable at the end. The thickness and mouth coating quality of this whisky makes for long lasting enjoyment.


Not for the faint of heart, this one. Taking this as your first whisky of the evening is probably not the best idea. This is a constant attack on your senses with heavy, deep, harsh flavors that not everyone will appreciate. However, if you enjoy peaty malts, you’re in for a treat with this one. To enjoy this in the most optimal way, I suggest not adding any water to prevent taking away any of the huge, explosive flavors.

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