The Macallan ‘Amber’

Macallan_amberDistillery: The Macallan

Expression: Amber

Age Statement: none

Vol: 40%



Nose: Clear oak, sawdust. Then juicy oranges, honey sweetness and refreshing notes of garden fruits. A bit of a peppery note coming through, sneeze-inducing almost. What’s most prominent though, is the refreshing nature of this whisky. Very pleasant with the summer fruits, honey sweet notes and light oaky sharpness.

Taste: The nose made me prepare for a bit of a sharp kick in the taste, but no such thing. It’s soft, mild and easy on the palate. Surprising. The honey sweetness with the oaky tang is there, but it never becomes overpowering. The fruits are found more in the background now, but the freshness remains. I like the slight bitter note that carries its way through the whole taste, keeping the honey sweetness from becoming too strong.

Finish: The ‘lack’ of prickle in the taste gives the finish a shorter life. However, I wouldn’t consider it short at all. Let’s say medium length with the drying effect of the oak together with the sweetness of honey and freshness of the fruit. Warming on the tongue and throat.

Overall: This kind of surprised me. I know the Macallan to be a very sophisticated whisky and this certainly was, but it didn’t have to spicy tang that many Macallan expressions do have. This isn’t a bad thing, I actually find that because of this the true flavors surface and make themselves ready to enjoy.

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