Bowmore Tempest

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Distillery: Bowmore

Expression: Tempest

Age Statement: 10 years old

Vol: 55,3%




Nose: Not surprisingly, the first thing to hit is peat. But somehow this is a milder peat aroma, a more gentle one. Not as prominent as it can be in other Islay whisky’s and even some Bowmores. After the peat smoke there’s tropical fruit, vanilla sweetness and a very pleasant grainy note. This doesn’t attack the nose, it welcomes it and eases it in. Very nice indeed.

Taste: I suggest a bit of water. Not too much, a teaspoon full is enough. This really opens it up. Before water it was mostly the alcohol kick coming through, not much else, other than sweetness when the tongue returned to normal state. With water, this immediately presents liquorice, leathery notes, followed by the fruitiness and vanille sweetness. Very lovely. Smoke returns later at the back of the taste, but is never overwhelming.

Finish: Long, sweet and warming. Vanille sweetness and fruity notes combined with the slight bitterness of liquorice and smoke all hang around for a long time, warming the throat and exciting the taste buds.

Overall: I have’t tasted too many Bowmores in my life, but this, so far, is my favourite by a long distance. The combination of smoke, fruit and sweetness is simply delicious. One to pour, close our eyes and enjoy for a long time.


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