Penderyn Sherrywood



Distillery: Penderyn

Expression: Sherrywood

Age Statement: none

Vol: 46%



Nose: Very sweet first on, honey mostly. Chopped herbs, like rosemary or something like eucalyptus or mint. Citrus peel, cinnamon and chocolate. Perhaps a marzipan note hiding in the back, maple syrup too.

Taste: Again, quite sweet. The eucalyptus/mint note is the first thing I get, then a cinnamon/sugar sweetness, maybe even coffee. Tree sap, oak sharpness, chocolate and marzipan again. Quite herbal again, combined with that deep sweetness.

Finish: A slight bitterness from the oak and eucalyptus, sweet after that with chocolate and mocha. Warming in the throat, thick on the tongue, lingering and smooth.

Overall: A very interesting, different single malt. This doesn’t really taste like anything I can think of. It’s strangely nice to drink, with that odd mix of sweetness and herbal aromas. Nice for a change of venue and very enjoyable.

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