Talisker Storm

taliskerstormDistillery: Talisker

Expression: Storm

Age Statement: none

Vol: 45,8%


So with all the NAS debates going on at the moment (my opinion on it here), I thought I’d give this one a proper tasting in order to see if my bias towards no age statement whisky’s will influence this at all. I’ll try to keep an open mind. I am a fan of Talisker, always have been, so I hope that this won’t disappoint.

Nose: Quite a nose full of peat, with vanilla and fruity sweetness lingering in the background. Next is a definite salty water note, like a sea breeze, seaweed or even salty liquorice. I’m getting a fruity note now, fresh pineapple, banana and maybe a hint of lemon. A bit earthy now, and at the end a strange note that reminds me of salty caramel.

Taste: Whoops! That’s quite an earthy peat note, almost reminiscent of an Islay malt. Speaking of malt, I’m getting some decent notes of that now. The saltiness is back too, this time in the form of cured meat. Only now comes the fruity sweetness, with some nice vanilla that I know of Talisker. A peppery note now as well, but somehow the kick isn’t as strong as in some Taliskers (for instance the 10 year old).

Finish: The earthy peat is obvious, but slightly subdued by the mix of fruity sweetness and salty sea breeze. Vanilla coming up now, and I’m getting an actual peppery note now, not just the kick of it, but the taste of it. The light tropical fruit and salty caramel are back now as well. Everything is accompanied by the earthy peat.

Overall: This is not your average Talisker. Much more peat smoke than in the regular 10 year old for instance, earthier and more oily so to speak. Nonetheless I enjoyed this more than I expected to. The combination of ‘harsh’ and fruit/sweet flavours seems to work well and I still get that warming glow I usually get from this distillery. I guess my NAS bias has been subdued. For now…..

Rating: 3.5 stars



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