Clynelish 1996/2015 (Whiskybroker)


Distillery: Clynelish

Expression: 18 year old, bottled by Whiskybroker

Vol: 54,1%

Extra info: Cask # 11448


Up to this point, I have never tasted a whisky by Clynelish before. I’ve heard much about it, many people seem to like it very much and it’s got a bit of a specific following, it seems. This particular expression is not an original distillery bottling, but one by Whiskybroker, the small independent bottler that has existed since 2010. Many thanks to my whisky buddy Thijs, who was kind enough to share a sample of this from his own collection.

Nose: I’ve seen this brand of whisky labelled as ‘waxy’ quite often before, and I must admit that’s a really apt way to put it. Waxy it is. Ripe tropical fruit like banana and mango. Creamy vanilla pudding, the stuff you find in a cream puff pastry. A good whiff of cinnamon too, with some light chocolate. Really big on the vanilla. Some oak and a hint of lemon. Powdered sugar and a good malt note. I’m really enjoying this nose, so interesting and different from anything I’ve tried before.

Taste: Sharper than I had expected, even with water added. Quite a bit of spice and a very oily mouthfeel. Vanilla sweetness again with those over ripe fruits. I get banana again. Getting that oaky spice now as well, adding a slight bitter note. The waxy quality is almost buttery now.

Finish: Quite long lasting, with the sharpish spicy note leading in a sweeter end. Vanilla again, with those tropical fruits and that hint of lemon in the back. Warm vanilla sauce as well, and the oak gets more apparent towards the end.

Overall: As mentioned, this is the first Clynelish I ever tasted. I’m not disappointed. The nose for me is the absolute winner here. That waxy quality is really quite special. An overall very tasty dram, something I wouldn’t mind having a bottle of. Good stuff!

Rating: 4 stars

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