The Glenfarclas Project: part 1 – the 8yo

Glenfarclas 8

Over the next few days I will be reviewing 5 expressions from one distillery in The Glenfarclas Project. Taking a look at the core range of this distillery, the most easily available and probably the most sold whiskies from this distillery; the 8, 10, 12, 15 and 17 year old. I will (objectively) review every expression and see what are the most significant differences and, at the end, see which one I liked the best. As this is a personal reflection, the final results will also be personal, so there’s no reason at all to agree with me.

Today I’ll start with the youngest of the bunch; The 8 year old. This was bottled at 40% and has big sherry influence, like most Glenfarclas expressions do.

Nose: A bit grassy, with refreshing fruit. Lemon, citrus, summer time stuff. Creamy malt too, with a bit of a sharp oak edge. Some spice, maybe a pinch of pepper. The sherry here is light, the young age really obvious there. Dried grass, hay, and the woody scent is now something like saw dust. An ever so slight hint of cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles.

Taste: Quite malty. A watery bitter note seeps in, and sweetness in the background trying to come forward, but without much success. The bitter note reminds me of tree sap. Everything seems watered down here, as if the flavours are not showing their true colours. Underdeveloped you could say, not strange at this age. To give this a better chance, I really needed to swirl it around in my mouth for a long time. After that some nice sweet note of chocolate and decent malt come up. Still, nothing too impressive.

Finish: Finally there’s some good sweetness now, not as watery as before. Juicy fruits, the candy. All this doesn’t last too long, when the bitterness returns. Oak again as well, sharpish. Not a long finish.

Overall: I wasn’t expecting too much from an 8 year old whisky, and because of my low expectations I wasn’t too disappointed. However, tasting this blind would probably not make you running to the shops to get a bottle of this. It’s a decent little dram, it’s good some good qualities to it, but everything seems just a tad too underdeveloped.

Rating: 2½ stars (71 to 75 points)

Standings after this review (obviously)

1. Glenfarclas 8yo

2. TBA

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

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