The Glenfarclas Project: part 2 – the 10yo



The second review in this series will be the 10 year old. Also bottled at 40%, this is one of the most common Glenfarclas expressions you will find. Some say this is the one that best reflects the Glenfarclas flavour profile, others say that this is not their best effort.

Nose: This has a musty, salty note at first. Not as refreshing as the 8 year old. Sawdust, yes, spicy oak. Some soft coffee notes and a bit of chocolate. Salted caramel. Dried grass. A bit dusty, damp. That’s a little off putting to me. Some good points here but the flavours seem a bit off balance.

Taste: Softer on arrival than the 8yo, less of a sharp note. A bit oily on the gums, quite thick. Big malty notes, slightly bitter oak but sweet after that. Caramel, raisins, chocolate. Sawdust again (this seems to be a recurring thing). Again, though, a bit musty.

Finish: Light coffee, vanilla, raisins, chocolate and oak. Because of the bitter note the finish is longer than it probably would have been, but it’s not something I enjoy very much in this case. Still a bit drying and oily, a bit odd. Reasonably enjoyable, though.

Overall: I think I might go against some Glenfarclas fans here, because if I really have to choose I think I’d say that I slightly prefer the 8yo over this. This seems a bit off in a lot of places, not very well rounded, or even incomplete. It has some good points, some real Glenfarclasy (if that’s a word) things that are quite nice, but I can’t really seem to commit myself to this one. This will be great as a dram to have with a game on tv and with some snacks on the side, but not something to really savour.

Rating: 2½ stars (71 to 75 points)

Standings after this review:

1. Glenfarclas 8yo

2. Glenfarclas 10yo

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

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