Blair Athol 1989 CWC

Blair Athol 1989 Creative Whisky Company

Distillery: Blair Athol

Expression: 1989

Age Statement: 23 years old

Vol: 47,6%

Extra Info: Distilled on April 1st 1989, Bottled by Creative Whisky Company. Cask # 2936, one of 295 bottles


On my second trip to Scotland a few years ago I stopped by this distillery on my way to nearby Edradour distillery. The small courtyard of Blair Athol is very beautiful; The front faces of the buildings in this courtyard are completely covered in ivy, with beautiful colours all around. Really charming to behold. I did go in to the visitor’s centre, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to stick around for a tour. The only expression I’ve tasted of Blair Athol thus far is the 12 year old Flora & Fauna series expression (my notes here). A sample of this CWC bottling was sent to me by Thijs, for which I’m very grateful.

Nose: Quite buttery, almost waxy. Vanilla sweetness, tropical fruits (banana and pineapple). A bit of a dusty note, too. Not sharp, buttery again, mellow. Cookie dough, cereal notes.

Taste: Sweet straight from the start. Vanilla and honey, some fruit. A sharp note after that, almost peppery. A bit herbal, parsley maybe. Again a slight dusty note. Good fruit now too, light, yellow fruits. Cinnamon apple. Really delicious sweetness, which is the clear winner for me here.

Finish: Quite sharp after that peppery note, mellow and sweet again after that. Some vanilla and fruit linger for a medium length finish.

Overall: The sweetness in this is quite special and delicious. The problem is that sweetness doesn’t usually last very long, so in the end this becomes a tad uneventful. This is still a good whisky, but maybe at a higher alcohol volume it would have been more interesting.

Rating: 3½ stars (81-85 range)

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