Linkwood 14yo Malts of Scotland

Linkwood 2000 MoS

Distillery: Linkwood

Expression: 2000-2014

Age Statement: 14 years old

Vol: 55,8%

Extra Info: Bottled by Malts of Scotland, Cask #14025, refill Sherry butt


This is my first try at a bottling by Malts of Scotland. I’ve heard many great things about them, apparently they release some really high quality stuff. Linkwood as a whisky I’ve tried before a few times, but never really got into it more. Until recently, that is. My preference in whisky flavour has changed to the more mellow, floral, fruity, lighter kinds lately, so Linkwood fits into that pretty well. I already tried the official bottling from this distillery (for the Diageo Flora & Fauna range) and I really liked that one (notes will come soon). I recently acquired this bottling, together with the 15 year old Gordon & Macphail, and couldn’t wait to try. So, let’s start with the MoS version and see how it is.

Nose: Fresh, floral, mellow. Cereal notes and vanilla. Flowery, nectar-like. Some tropical fruit (pineapple?). Grain cookies. Fine malt, really crisp and refreshing.

Taste: Cereal and vanilla again, warming. Lighter fruits now; Pineapple again but also green apple, lemon and apricot. Only a hint of bitterness, liquorice or oak. Very tasty, this goes down easy.

Finish: Not that long, but it’s quite nice. This vanilla, fresh malt, fruity and cereal notes combine really well. The bitter note is gone now.

Overall: If you like the fresh, mellow, floral, summery flavour profile, you will like this. I know I do. This fits right into my newly acquired flavour profile preference. Really good, delicious stuff.

Rating: 4 stars (86-90 range)

2 thoughts on “Linkwood 14yo Malts of Scotland

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