Glen Garioch 1990 KiW

Glen Garioch 1990 KiW good

Distillery: Glen Garioch

Expression: 1990

Age Statement: 22 years old

Vol: 51,2%

Bottled By: Kintra Whisky


It’s been a long time since I tasted a Glen Garioch. The last one was an official bottling by the distillery, I believe it was the 12 year old of the core range. In my memory it was quite nice, but nothing too spectacular. This will be my first independent bottling of this distillery and it so happens it’s also my first try at a whisky bottled by Kintra  Whisky, which is the child of Erik Molenaar who founded the company in 2009. So this will be interesting!

Nose: Definite sherry influence, but not overly so. Prickly on the nose with some clear spice. I get an obvious mint note too. Dark chocolate, coffee and liquorice. Some good oak, dark fruit. A slight salty edge too.

Taste: Tasty bitter notes of oak, spice and liquorice. Chocolate and some fruit give some sweetness again, but for me the main thing is the variety of bitter notes. In this case the bitterness is not a bad thing at all. It’s different, it’s interesting. Weirdly, I get a tobacco flavour now. More liquorice and the mint returns. Dark caramel.

Finish: Coffee flavour is strong now. Tobacco again. Heavier oak this time, with caramel and dark chocolate. Raisins, mint and sherry. Nothing stands out too much. Well balanced. Quite long lasting.

Overall: This is big in modesty. I find it very well balanced, with for once not the sweet notes that are the hero of the whisky, but the bitter ones. That’s quite rare in my experience. A very interesting, different sort of whisky. Delicious.

Rating: 4 stars (88 points)

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