Clynelish 2008 vW


Distillery: Clynelish

Expression: 2008

Age: 6 years old

Vol: 46%

Extra info: Bottled by van Wees, cask number 800023, bottle number 296 of 308

Ever since I started swapping samples with other whisky enthusiasts, I’ve developed a bit of a crush on independent Clynelish bottlings. The signature waxy notes and the overall lightness with that pinch of salt are just very attractive, I find. This bottle, though, is a bit of a gamble. The color is so light that it’s easy to be put off by it (even though color says nothing, psychologically a darker whisky just appeals more). Not surprising with only 6 years of age of course, but I’ll approach this with little expectations.

Nose: Light, obviously, with fresh grassy notes and a bit of butter. There’s some wax, but very little compared to older Clynelish expressions. Crisp malt, and a sweet note of something like cotton candy. Green apple, citrus and a little bit of salt. Big vanilla sweetness now, maybe even some cookie dough.

Taste: Lovely sweet arrival and sharpness right after that. Cinnamon and a pinch of pepper. Sweet after that with vanilla, pineapple and vanilla. Very refreshing, a bit salty and the tiniest hint of mint.

Finish: Not long, unsurprisingly, but still not bad for the age. Vanilla, malt. Apple, citrus and a slight bitterness of spice.

Overall: As mentioned, I wasn’t expecting too much of this. Still, this was a really pleasant dram. For the amount of time this has aged it’s actually really good. It has some of those typical Clynelish flavours, but they’re all less obvious. Still, I think this is good value for money.

Rating: 3½ stars (84 points)

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