Linkwood 1989/2015 Whiskybroker

Linkwood 1989 WhiskybrokerDistillery: Linkwood

Expression: 1989

Age Statement: 26 years old

Vol: 53,1%

Extra Info: Cask #1828, one of 288 bottles. Bottled by

As I have mentioned before, Linkwood has lately worked its way into my personal favourite list. I never really gave it much notice before, but ever since I tried a few expressions, like the Malts of Scotland bottling (notes here), I’m officially a fan. The lightness of the flavour profile while maintaining a rounded and full taste is really quite special and exactly what I’ve grown to like over the past few months. This is my second try at a bottling by Whiskybroker (I tasted a Clynelish before, here).

Linkwood is part of the Diageo imperium and produces predominantly for the blended whisky industry. It was mothballed from 1985 to 1990 and now produces around 2.5 million litres of spirit per year. Linkwood is situated in Elgin, in the Speyside region of Scotland.

Nose: A pile of hay in summertime. Fresh fruit like green apple, apricot and peach. Vanilla sweetness, cookies and a clear cereal note. A hint of liquorice in the background. There’s even something a little waxy here. Some spice, a bit sharp in the nose. Slightly dusty.

Taste: Oak on arrival, with a dusty or even musty note. Then spice, quite peppery. Vanilla sweetness follows, together with some big malt. Drying on the gums and really sticks to the mouth. A different kind of sweetness arrives now, maybe gum balls or jelly beans.

Finish: Really warming going down, spice and sweet combinations. Vanilla and pepper, oak and malt. Tongue tingling. Lovely sweetness at the end, where the candy-like flavours come back again. Crisp, sweet, delicious.

Overall: A very good whisky. Light in flavour profile, but ever so full in taste. The spice and sweet combinations really work. A perfect dram for spring or summer if you ask me.

Rating: 4 stars (86-90 range, high end)

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