Linkwood 1998/2014 Signatory Vintage

Linkwood 1998 SVDistillery: Linkwood

Expression: 1998

Age Statement: 15 years old

Vol: 46%

Extra Info: Bottled by Signatory Vintage, cask #11763+11764, bottle 148 of 584.

As you can read here and here, I’ve taken quite a liking to Linkwood as of late. Therefor, I thought it was about time to review another one. This particular one is a 15 year old, bottled by the good people at Signatory Vintage, from the Un-Chillfiltered Collection.

Nose: Incredibly fresh in the nose; there’s mostly citrus fruits like lemon, orange and lime. Some cereal notes as well as sugary sweetness, together reminding me of key lime pie or lemon meringue. There’s vanilla, pineapple and great crisp malt. Some light oak and soft spice, but the overall freshness is beautiful.

Taste: A lot more intense than the nose would suggest; bitter oak, peppery spice and quite oily. Then there’s vanilla again, lemon zest bitterness and pineapple. Green apples and grassy notes too. Some cereal notes as well, but the oak is quite obvious.

Finish: Bitter from the oak first, then some light fruits, especially lemon (zest). Some vanilla and sweet malt, medium in length.

Overall: The nose is by far the best part of this whisky. I find the taste a smidgeon too bitter, though. It’s nice, but it’s just not what I would expect from that nose. Overall, though, this is very decent stuff and really worth a dram or two.

Rating: 3½ stars (81-85 range)

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