Auchentoshan 1989-2006 GM

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.11.02

Distillery: Auchentoshan

Expression: 1989

Age Statement: 16 years old

Vol: 45%

Extra Info: Cask # 5746+5747, one of 500 bottles


This Auchentoshan is part of the ‘Secret Stills’ series by Gordon & MacPhail. On their own website they describe this series as follows: “As the range suggests, the name of the distillery where these single malts originate must remain anonymous. These expressions have been released from the exclusive stocks of fine and rare single malt scotch whiskies owned and managed by Gordon & MacPhail”. So, that’s a lot of hoo-ha about how exclusive this stuff is and how lucky we should all feel to taste it. If we were to believe all this marketing talk from the many whisky brands and companies, we wouldn’t taste a bad whisky ever again. I somehow doubt that’s the case but I understand the need for these companies trying to sell off their goods. I just don’t really like it. Anyway, let’s try and stay objective here and give this one a fair try.

Nose: Woody at first, sharp oak. Then a glue-like note, or nail polish remover. Fruity after that with berries, apple and some banana. Cinnamon, pepper and cardamom and then caramel and soft sherry notes.

Taste: Sharp at first, with the spice hitting right away. Gluey again, like household solvents. More fruity after that and a pretty nice malty note. The sherry becomes nice and clear after that. A slow and strange start, but it does get better after a while.

Finish: Spicy at first, but gets milder after. The sherry is nice but not really strong enough to really enjoy. Good fruitiness but it’s all too weak to properly enjoy.

Overall: Ok so I’m not really a fan of this. The sherry and fruity notes are nice but those odd solvents don’t really disappear throughout the whole taste, which is off-putting.

3 stars (76-80 range)

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