Clynelish 1997-2015 by Casqueteers

IMG_2075 (1)Distillery: Clynelish

Expression: 1997

Age Statement: 18 years old

Vol: 56,1%

Extra info: Cask number 6942


Today I’m reviewing ‘my own’ whisky. Well, not really my own whisky, but it feels like it’s mine a little bit. This Clynelish I acquired from the good people at, where anyone is able to become part owner of a cask of whisky. You sign in, pay the fee (for the liquid and tax only, no commercial profit in mind) and from then on you’re the co-owner of an actual cask of whisky. When it is deemed right, the whisky is bottled and you get sent your share of the liquid. Great system and an excellent way to really get close to the hobby of whisky. In this instance, my share was 2 bottles of Clynelish from 1997. It was bottled just last July which means it matured for 18 years in a Bourbon Hogshead (although, judging by the label you might expect a sherry ‘butt’, pun you very much). So I’m very excited to give this a taste and I’ll do my very best to stay objective here.

Nose: Summery notes of apple, apricot, grass or hay and some cereal. The wax is definitely there; sweet, honey-rich beeswax. A drop of water really opens this up beautifully. Some spice; pepper and cinnamon. Dried pineapple, passion fruit and some mango. Cookie dough, powdered sugar and more fruit. Marzipan as well. Great complexity.

Taste: Waxy right away with more candle wax than beeswax now. Tropical fruits; pineapple, some lemon and even a hint of banana. Cinnamon and honey, cookie dough and vanilla sauce. Nice sweet oak. Really coats the mouth, quite oily. More wax and fruit and a hint of eucalyptus.

Finish: Warming spice with an initial bitter edge quickly subside to reveal a wave of waxy fruits. Still dried pineapple and citrus, covered with a big dollop of honey. Quite a lengthy finish with all the flavours sticking around for a good while. Lingering vanilla and fruit at the end.

Overall: I’m very impressed by this. Maybe I’m being nostalgic because of the story behind this whisky, but I really do think it’s an excellent one. The overall complexity throughout the whole tasting experience is great and the many layers of aromas and flavours really makes me want to come back for more. In fact, I think I’ll pour myself another dram.

4 stars (86-90 range)

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