Glen Grant 1966-2006 GM

Glen Grant 1966

Distillery: Glen Grant

Expression: 1966

Age Statement: 40 years old

Vol: 40,0%

Extra Info: Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail


I don’t very often get the chance to taste a whisky of this kind of age. Distilled back in 1966 when I was many years from being born and bottled in 2006 when I had long since finished school of any kind. Overwhelming when you think about that; all that time in between it has been tucked away in a warehouse somewhere, slowly maturing. Apparently this was aged in a mix of first-fill and refill sherry casks. Gordon & MacPhail chose the old Glen Grant label to put on the bottle, which is quite befitting this whisky, given its age.

Nose: A burst of fruit right from the start. Many of the tropical kind; pineapple, banana, mango, the likes. Garden fruit as well with plums and apricot. Honeydew melon too. Good grassy notes, adding more freshness. Light chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. Honey and a very faint bit of eucalyptus or pine. Soft lemon. Sweet oak and way in the background a soft, lingering smidgeon of smoke.

Taste: More oaky than the nose but still very fruity. This time it’s more into the dried fruits; apricot, papaya, dates and raisins with a vanilla sugar coating. A metallic note and quite oily. Cinnamon again, some dark honey, damp oak and big malty notes. Again soft, faint smoke at the end.

Finish: Not as long as I was hoping for, that’s a pity. Still, the malt and vanilla sweetness with the overall fruitiness that is still there are lovely. The oak sticks around and lingers for a while, but dies out eventually.

Overall: The nose is a thing of beauty. One to sniff for a long time before even thinking of taking a sip. The taste can’t quite follow the nose in terms of complexity and layers of flavour, and the finish would have deserved a better fate. Not that this is a bad whisky, on the contrary. This is a delicious whisky, but after such a nearly flawless nose you would hope for a bit more. Maybe this would benefit from a higher ABV?

4 stars (86-90 range)

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