Bunnahabhain 2000-2011 AD

Bunnahabhain 2000 AD2Distillery: Bunnahabhain

Expression: 2000

Age Statement: 10 years old

Vol: 59,8%

Extra info: Cask # 948, one of 636 bottles


Adelphi is one of those independent bottlers of which a lot of people say that ‘they only make good stuff’. I somehow doubt that’s really the case, but to be fair; I have yet to try a bad one from them. This particular whisky is an unpeated Bunnahabhain at 10 years old, fully matured in a first fill sherry cask. Judging by the color it was a very active cask; a beautiful dark, deep color here. Not the cheapest of whiskies though; at more than €80 this is quite steep for a 10 year old. However, Adelphi stands for quality and is a bit ‘elitist’, which I mean in a good way. Let’s see if they deliver here.

Nose: Tobacco, salted caramel, treacle, dark chocolate, toffee, roasted nuts. This is a massively heavy nose. More tobacco and a sweet-salty combination that reminds me of soya sauce (!). Liquorice, the salty kind. Heavy sherry, obviously. Thick tea; lapsang souchon.

Taste: Thick sherry and sea salt. Wet tree bark, lapsang souchon again and sweet tobacco, like a vanilla cigar. Bacon drenched in maple syrup and even beef jerky. A rubbery note too and some sulphur. Bitterness of liquorice with some nutmeg or bay leaf. Dark, dark, dark chocolate and caramel.

Finish: The sherry remains a huge presence together with that soya sauce-like quality. Thick tea, tobacco and chocolate. Maybe some blackberries or dates in the background, albeit very faint.

Overall: A very active cask indeed. Ten years of age and so full of flavour and complexity, this is very impressive. I found it hard to find any fruits at all; this is a ‘rougher’ whisky, fitting in the meaty, deep, heavy flavour camp. Nothing much refreshing about this, but a mastodont of a dram it is.

4 stars (86-90 range)

2 thoughts on “Bunnahabhain 2000-2011 AD

  1. I’ve not tried an independently bottled whisky yet but when I have tasted round the regions and got used to the stronger expressions then I will definitely give it a go.

    Adelphi seems to have a very good reputation so I’m sure that I wont be disappointed although this beast might be a bit heavy for me at this stage! Especially as I have just blogged my first ever taste of the Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old – my first Islay Malt.

    • Always interesting, the tasting journey around the regions. When you’re ready for it, you should definitely try an independent, you’ll be surprised as to how some brands of whisky can taste very different from what you’re used to in the standard range!

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