Bowmore The Devil’s Casks – Small batch release II

Distillery: Bowmore

Expression: Devil’s Casks II

Age Statement: 10 years old

Vol: 56,3%

Extra Info: Batch #2, one of 1080 bottles


When a whisky has a title with words like ‘Devil’ in it, I always get a little put off by it, because my ‘marketing hoo-ha’ bells start ringing. However, this title actually has a story behind it. Apparently, legend has it that the devil himself was once spotted in the town of Bowmore, and that he eventually hid away inside the distillery. After a search, the devil was nowhere to be seen, having made his escape inside a whisky cask to the mainland. An interesting story indeed! This expression was matured for 10 years in first-fill sherry casks. Peat and sherry often go together very well, so I’m excited to see if this is one of those times.

Nose: Sweet peat smoke, with cherries, dates and plums. A cough drop-like liquorice note, roasted nuts and bacon. Raisins, tobacco and spice. Dark roasted coffee and quite ashy.

Taste: Ashy notes, like from a smouldering campfire. Spice and plums again, the dried kind. Dark roasted coffee, barbecued meat, dark caramel and liquorice. Quite a heavy, charred oak flavour as well.

Finish: Nice, lingering sherry notes. Dry oak and smoky embers. Dark chocolate. Quite lengthy and very enjoyable.

Overall: A very nice expression. The sherry and peat work together really well here. Well balanced, full of flavour and very tasty.

4 stars (86-90 range)


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