Aultmore 12yo

Aultmore 12

Distillery: Aultmore

Region: Speyside (Keith)

Expression: 12 year old

Vol: 46%


So it’s been a while since my last post. A long while. Some things changed in my life that made this blog a little less important. I’m not sure if this post is going to be the start of a new ‘era’ of my writings, and it doesn’t need to be. I just felt like doing an old fashioned writing-while-tasting session and today seemed to be a good day. So let’s go!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Aultmore 12 year old. Now, Aultmore isn’t a big player on the single malt market. In the early 90’s a single malt was released for the Flora & Fauna series when the distillery was still owned by Diageo. Since 1998 John Dewar & Sons (which is in turn owned by Bacardi) is the owner and most of the Aultmore spirit goes into the ‘White Label’ blend of Dewar’s. Last year, though, a new single malt was released; the 12 year old ‘Foggie Moss’. So let’s take a look;

Nose: Very refreshing; hay/grassy notes with grains, light fruits like green apple and lime. A bit mineral as well, with nice light vanilla tones in the back. Powdered sugar (slightly) and maybe even a very tiny bit of wax. I find this very interesting on the nose. Yes, waxy indeed, I’m sure of it now.

Taste: Quite thick and full of flavoured. Citrus fruits (orange), a nice prick of some spice, oily and some sweet notes of vanilla and maybe even honeycomb. Really coats the mouth and stays there.

Finish: Warming and really quite long for a ‘light’ whisky. Nice malt now, replacing the vanilla notes. I can still feel it on my gums long after swallowing.

Overall: I’m actually quite impressed by this, when I take into account the facts; This is a ‘standard’ 12 year old bottling, light in profile and well affordable. When a Speyside whisky has these properties we usually speak of an entry-level whisky. As far as those go; there’s many good ones, but this might be one of the best in my book.

3½ stars (81-85 range) 


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