Aberlour Casg Annamh


Distillery: Aberlour

Expression: Casg Annamh

Age Statement: none

Vol: 48%

Extra info: Batch #1



Aberlour was one of the very first distilleries I ever visited. The quaint little house at the gate, posing as the visitor’s centre is nice, and gives you a homey feel. Since I long ago bought a bottle of Aberlour a’bunadh (I believe it was batch 27), this distillery has brought up warm feelings with me, although the rest of their standard range has never blown me away. This bottling is a rather new one, released in 2017 and called “Casg Annamh”, which means as much as “rare cask”. We’re seeing a lot of these Gaelic names on whisky bottles nowadays, a trend that for me is starting to become a bit less than original (I’m looking at you, Bunnahabhain).

Nose: That Aberlour nuttiness is there, which I know and like from them. Definite sherry influence, but a much fresher, fruitier kind. This isn’t the soggy, dried fruit-rich, chocolate and raisin kind, but much more tropical, refreshing and cinnamon-like. Clearly some bourbon influence here too. I even get some banana, and there’s a floral note too, like a light perfume. Cinnamon apple in the background.

Taste: Again, rather typical Aberlour, but quickly after that a whole array of stuff; tropical fruits (hello again mr. banana), a gentle honey sweetness, some light chocolate and a hint of coffee (mocha). Sweet cinnamon apple. The flavours here don’t seep in, they come flooding in. Not complaining.

Finish: Quite a bit of spice at first, with a light nutmeg-bitter note. Then more gentle, with sweet notes of honey, milk chocolate, tropical fruit, oranges and cinnamon.

Overall: Many people try this whisky and are disappointed because they’re expecting a stand-in for a’bunadh. But that’s not what this is, nor was it designed to be and it shouldn’t be regarded that way either. This is simple a different type of whisky. I rather enjoyed it, an easy-to-like kind of dram, that invites the drinker to pour another glass. I believe I will, too.

Rating: 3½ stars (81 to 85 range)

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