Lagavulin 8yo


Distillery: Lagavulin

Expression: 8 year old

Vol: 48%

Extra info: 200th anniversary edition

I just realised that this is my first review of Lagavulin on this blog. It makes sense in a way; I was never really a big peat-head (except for my early ‘discovery years’), so the amount of peat-monsters on this site will not be very high up to this point. However, almost a year ago now I went on a whisky trip to Scotland, and the chosen destination was Islay this time. Ever since that trip I’ve acquired a renewed appreciation for the peaty stuff. Not just was the island absolutely lovely, so was the whisky we tasted there. And trust me when I say we tasted enough to make sure of this… The distillery that really stood out for me was Lagavulin. A great place to visit, fantastic tours (thank you mr. McArthur) and great, great whisky.

Today, I’m trying the 8-year old. This was released in 2016, in honour of the 200th anniversary of the distillery. It was originally released as a limited edition. That is, if you can call 30.000 bottles limited. Even so, it proved so popular that they have since admitted it to their core range.

Nose: Straight into the peat here; quite a hefty smoke note, seaweed, ocean breeze and peat embers. Quite salty. A bit of the gauze-stuff; some real medicinal whiffs here. Diesel as well, earthiness. Some grassy notes or hay in the background.

Taste: Sharp smoke at first, followed by the medicinal notes and after that really ashy; the-day-after-campfire-kind of taste. I like the mouthfeel; not too sharp, but loads of salivating flavours. A bit of sweetness is a welcome companion to the harsh notes.

Finish: Warming, ashy, salty. Drying on the tongue, a slight metallic note and even some fruit in the background now. Let’s call it citrus.

Overall: I really like this. Young, yes, but well balanced and just delicious. A welcome addition to Lagavulin’s core range if you ask me, and quickly becoming a fierce competitor of the ever declining 16-year old.

Rating: 4 stars (86-90 range)

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