How I taste

I use 4 sections in my tastings. First, there’s the nose. What do I smell, what does it remind me of? Second, taste. Same thing here; what kind of flavors do I taste? How is the mouth feel? Third there’s the finish. How long does it last? Does it keep the things I tasted before or do the flavors die out quickly? Lastly, overall. Here I comment on the whisky, how do I like it, thoughts I have about it. Every tasting note of every whisky on this blog will be performed like this. However, it’s not an exact science. I may taste very different things than others. But that’s the beauty of it. Everybody sees it in their own way. There’s no right or wrong. But there’s one common factor for everyone; enjoyment.

I do rate the whiskies that I taste, but I don’t really believe in an exact number from 0 to 100. So, I’ve decided to use a star rating system. I rate from 1 to 5 stars, so that there can be some discrepancy. This is because I believe that when on one day you can rate a whisky 88 points for instance, the next day you might like it slightly less and rate it 86. So I divided the stars as follows:

1 star – anywhere from 1 to 50 points. This whisky is absolutely dismal and I hope to never again encounter one

1½ stars – 51 to 65 points. This is an unimpressive whisky at best, with some major flaws.

2 stars – 66 to 70 points. Still unimpressive, still flawed, but getting to a drinkable point

2½ stars – 71 to 75 points. Very drinkable, but I probably won’t buy another bottle

3 stars – 76 to 80 points. This is quite nice, with some very good points, but not forever burnt into my memory

3½ stars – 81 to 85 points. Good stuff. I really like this and I would see myself buying more in the future

4 stars – 86 to 90 points. This really is a great whisky. I will buy more and recommend anyone to do the same.

4½ stars – 91 to 95 points. We’re in the near-flawless zone now. Get it while you can, spread the word and take your time to enjoy this whisky to its fullest

5 stars – 96 to 100 points. Absolutely breathtaking and will probably render me unable to speak for a while

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